How It Works

When you are ready to schedule a call with Clementine:

1.  Make an appointment for a free, 15-minute introductory call.

2.  Once we’ve established that we see a benefit to working together, you’ll schedule a one-hour call. At that time, you’ll pay in advance for the call. There is a 2-hour cancellation period.

3.  At the time of the call, be in a place where you can be quiet and relaxed, with no distractions. You’ll need headphones to converse and listen during the call.

That’s it!

The number of calls you want to have is up to you. Some people like a regular schedule, and there are block rates.

Some people feel that a few calls will set them on the right path. Some people like to schedule one now and then, when they feel particularly stuck.

It is all okay. The purpose is to help each person find their deep truth, that infinite peace.


As a seeker of goodness, giving love to others surrounding me, I tend to forget to look within and give love back to myself.  Clementine has opened my eyes to help me find it deep inside myself.  Make space for it.  Let the love grow. She’s shown me ways to re-wire my mindset, think differently about life’s outcomes and be satisfied about the past, present and future.  My sessions with her have helped me uncover private emotions tucked deep in the corners of myself hiding all of these years, waiting to be released, to free me.  I always feel lighter, surrounded by warm air after talking with her.  I continue to use the techniques shes taught me throughout my day to day.  Peace, love, health and keep life positive.      J.