As a musician, I often struggle with blocks regarding improvisation, stage fright, or the red-light panic of recording. I can question my voice and self-worth, which interferes with clear vision and ability. I often fight challenges of technique and the frustration can feel like defeat.

Most creative endeavors have parallel issues. Maybe the language is different in your field, but we all seem to fight blocks from creative freedom at one point in life. Even if your creative endeavor is raising a family, moving forward in your career, or creating lasting relationships, the blocks and frustration can be the same.

How does energy healing help? During one-hour phone calls, we move through guided meditation that reveals the expansive consciousness at the base of who we are. From this place, we experience and release the blocks and patterns that have kept us trapped. We see clearly how our emotions rise and fall, and how they interfere with freedom in playing. We gently train our mind to stop reacting to the river of thought to which we’re often held captive.




What you should know is that beneath this identity, beneath this self, beneath thoughts and emotions and impulses, lies a field of truth. A field of vast awareness. A field of infinite consciousness.

When we are able to drop into this field at will, we live a life animated by truth.

Our patterns and blocks fall away.
Our emotions rise and fall and we stop being ruled by them.
Our mind becomes quiet.
Our creative spark animates our life.

This is a life lived in peace. A life that moves through both bliss and difficulty with ease. A life lived in the heart, with levity and love. A life of free expression.

From this place of infinite consciousness, we access our true creativity to play our instruments freely and with clarity.
From this place of infinite consciousness, long-standing stories of victimhood and defeat fall away.
From this place of infinite consciousness. we connect with deep compassion, pure empathy, and move through the world changing our reality for good.

These are techniques based in meditation, mindfulness training, and energetic healing modalities.

The infinite spacious awareness at the base of us has been accessed by enlightened beings for thousands of years. I would love to help you find the true self in you.


Clementine is a treasure. I have been doing energy work with her for a number of months, focused largely on overcoming fears and anxiety around musical improvisation. I immediately noticed a marked shift in my approach and attitude, which has greatly facilitated my musical growth these last few months.  G.
Here is a 10-minute reading from my blog and podcast, BlissandDrumming.com. In this piece, I speak more about this work.
Here is a free 30-minute meditation. Enjoy!

How It Works

When you are ready to schedule a call with Clementine:

1.  Make an appointment for a free, 15-minute introductory call.

2.  Once we’ve established that we see a benefit to working together, you’ll schedule a one-hour call. At that time, you’ll pay in advance for the call. There is a 2-hour cancellation period.

3.  At the time of the call, be in a place where you can be quiet and relaxed, with no distractions. You’ll need headphones to converse and listen during the call.

That’s it!

The number of calls you want to have is up to you. Some people like a regular schedule, and there are block rates.

Some people feel that a few calls will set them on the right path. Some people like to schedule one now and then, when they feel particularly stuck.

It is all okay. The purpose is to help each person find their deep truth, that infinite peace.


As a seeker of goodness, giving love to others surrounding me, I tend to forget to look within and give love back to myself.  Clementine has opened my eyes to help me find it deep inside myself.  Make space for it.  Let the love grow. She’s shown me ways to re-wire my mindset, think differently about life’s outcomes and be satisfied about the past, present and future.  My sessions with her have helped me uncover private emotions tucked deep in the corners of myself hiding all of these years, waiting to be released, to free me.  I always feel lighter, surrounded by warm air after talking with her.  I continue to use the techniques shes taught me throughout my day to day.  Peace, love, health and keep life positive.      J.


About Clementine

Hello! I have spent the last 25 years working to play drums with passion, technique, free improvisation and joy. When it clicks, I become a part of the song instead of merely a player, fully in the moment with endless stamina and a peaceful joy that animates my playing.  I’ve worked through deep confidence issues and creative blocks, and found my way to a creative flow that has infused every aspect of my life.  I’m so excited to get to share what I’ve learned about playing from the true self with you.

Clementine has been a spiritual seeker throughout her life. As a professional musician, she developed ways of connecting to the true self to be fully in the moment as a performer. Much of her insight has been gained through participating in many Vipassana meditation retreats and the ensuing 30 years of practice. She is also a Master of Morphic Awakening Energetic Healing Technique, a profound modality that promotes energy healing on all levels. She uses this and other tools to assist with clearing of energetic blocks holding us back from living in the true self. She is currently working toward a certificate in the Nalanda Institute’s Contemplative Psychotherapy program.

You can read more about her connection to this healing work as it relates to playing music on her blog Bliss and Drumming.


The most emotional nourishment and healing experience that I have had in my life. The sessions not only left me inspired and invigorated but, I was also taught lasting strategies of improving my energy and decision making on a day to day basis. I highly recommend. This is all you need to get in touch and align and balance yourself so that you are able to be present in the moment and achieve lasting changes that lead to a greater sense of fulfillment in your life and the lives of the people around you.  M.

What I enjoy most about my sessions with Clementine is her ability to create imagery that sticks with me.  I often find myself thinking back during the course of my day to something she may have said and using those images for relaxation, positive-thinking or other goals that I may be working on with her.  I find this very helpful.  She also has a gentle and calming voice that leaves me feeling peaceful at the end of each call.        A.

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The 15-minute consultation calls are free.

Please contact Clementine at info@awakeningthetrueself.com to schedule.

Single calls are $140. The first block of 3 calls is $210.

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One-Hour Energy Work Call: $140

3 Half-Price One-Hour Calls: $210

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